Ep 1 - Call Center vs Contact Center

Do you know the difference between a contact center and a call center? Let’s test how much you really know with a few questions. 

Here we go, the first question is true or false: Contact centers allow customers to contact agents by phone, email, chatbot, or social media. 

You guessed it, it’s TRUE! One of the major differences between a call center and contact center is that call centers handle phone calls only. Call centers often can’t assist customers via digital channels like email, chatbot, and social media.  

Okay, now that we know how many touch points a contact center has, is it true or false that contact centers provide a continuous experience across all contact channels? 

Again, this is TRUE! One major benefit to a contact center is the omnichannel technology that allows all interactions between a customer and company to show up in one portal for the agent. A customer can continue their conversation from online chat to email to a phone call without having to repeat themselves. 

Alright, here’s the last question. True or false: Call centers provide a more efficient and satisfactory experience than contact centers. 

If you guessed FALSE, you’re correct! Call centers are limited in their capabilities to create personalized, meaningful, and efficient customer experiences. Contact centers can create a more efficient process through IVR, data and analytics collection, and omnichannel technology, among other things. Contact centers will overall produce a better customer experience that’s personal and fast. 

Okay that’s all for today’s edition of Contact Centers Defined. I hope you enjoyed and learned a little bit about the differences between contact centers and call centers. See you in the next one!