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Four megatrends that could threaten your contact center security

In the face of rapid technological change, contact centers are quickly evolving. And the security measures they use to safeguard their customers, employees, and company need to keep up. By analyzing some of the larger forces at work — “megatrends” that shape the security landscape for years, if not decades — we learn that moving to the cloud not only guarantees the security of data better than on-premises systems, but the cloud also places contact centers in a perfect position to capitalize on emerging trends and maximize their success.

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CX integartion with Google cloud

Build integrated experiences with Genesys and Google Cloud

Create exceptional customer experiences that integrate and leverage your core systems, technology, and customer data. The Genesys and Google Cloud partnership creates a pathway to use the best of cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and contact center technology — all within the Google Cloud ecosystem.

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GTS Joins the Ranks as Gold Partner at Genesys

GTS is the only Genesys partner with a focus on the public sector making the company unique among Gold Partners. While capable of addressing the customer experience and digital transformation needs of most complex organizations, GTS started out helping state & local government and education (SLED) agencies modernize their contact centers and deliver better service to their citizens.

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