Proactive Notification Boosts Customer Satisfaction.

An effective approach to customer engagement — SMS notification. Generic outbound notifications and marketing pushes have been in use for years, but today's technologies can enable a wide range of proactive messaging that is highly personal, delivering relevant information in a timely manner and via the mode preferred by each customer.

How would you do that?

notiphi – a smarter text messaging service

notiphi® is an easy to use “Text Messaging Services” for Governmental Organizations. The application is built on globly (GTS SMS API Platform). You can serve your constituents better with government texting solutions. SMS alerts and notifications can streamline communications for internal and external federal, state, and municipal agencies and public services.


Solution for everything

Texting for the government sector provides solutions for everything from emergency alert, court hearing reminders, employee reminders, event reminders and others.
notiphi® can do much more than the few use cases below:

  • Reliable Government Text Alert System
  • Affordable Mass Texting for Public
  • Notifications
  • Case reminders
  • 1:1 Texting solution for forms and digital signatures
  • Connect with constituents more efficiently


97 % of Americans own a cell phone
70 % employees favor texting for internal communications
50% of people over age 45 check their phones more than 3x per hour

Top reasons why Government
customers choose notiphi

  • Proven Quality and Scale
  • Enterprise Grade Platform
  • A Team That Truly Cares about Your Success
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Built on AWS
  • Secure
  • Redact incoming message
  • Easy-to-use interface

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