Case Study

A case study page typically includes information about the background and context of the case, a detailed analysis of the situation, and a conclusion or recommendation based on the findings. The goal of a case study is to gain a deeper understanding of the subject being studied and to provide insights and solutions that can be applied in similar situations.


Improving State Government Appeal Hearings with DARS on AWS

These days, people expect smooth, digitally-enabled experiences for almost every service. This includes the legal system. Being able to hold secure and remote hearings for claims and other legal matters was forced into necessity by the pandemic, but the convenience and efficiency has cemented demand for this technology.

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SMS notifications for a local government

Sometimes, your government needs to tell you something important, and quickly. It could be a...

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Public sector organization trusts GTS to improve their overall efficiency

Our client, a large public sector organization, faced the challenge of modernizing their aging...

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