Unified Communications

The smooth flow of information is like the oil in a machine. Reducing friction and bottlenecks between departments, agents, customers, and clients is the end goal of a good unified communications strategy.

Because technology is so pervasive, each individual in your organization will have slightly different habits and preferences when it comes to device, platform, or communication technique.

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One-size-fits all, top-down processes (“everyone must use the official internal Instant Message platform”) sounds simple in theory, but often cause inefficiencies in practice. A true unified communications approach aligns the goals and function of every team with the company’s broader tech stack, and finds solutions for the efficient organization and transfer of data between them.

Your CCaaS suite will come with UC features and tools

Contact Center as a Service solutions typically have a robust set of features and tools to help build a strong unified communications practice. Yet it is not uncommon for organizations to rarely (or even never) touch these systems!

GTS will make sure you’re getting the most out of your current setup, and help you cover the gaps with a migration to a modern UC system.

unified communications

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