About Us

Our mission is to foster customer trust and loyalty by humanizing technology.


GTS was born out of frustration.

Yes. Out of frustration. Frustration due to lack of partnership between customer and vendors. Customers were being held hostage with one-size-fits-all approaches. Overselling and wasteful spending were rampant. There were a very few vendors well-versed in multiple technologies.

Empathy was nowhere to be found: just sales people rushing through packages to be implemented by anonymous and uncommunicative engineers.

We built GTS to be the opposite of all this.

The founder’s story

My name is Ram.

GTS is a full-service implementation company customer focused on customer service tech, built out of frustration as explained above.

I grew up watching my mom constantly give more than what others expected while still managing to keep a smiling face. My father, very fond of music, acquired a new radio set only to see it dismantled (by me) the next morning. Instead of scolding, he helped me put it back together.

Powered by these observations, I always make an effort to give my customers more than what they expect. I try to understand what my colleagues want and how I can help in their successes.

After working as a developer, architect, and business consultant for amazing employers, I founded Global Technology Solutions in 2014 with a vision to take all these values and crystallize them into a single entity.

It did hurt that there was so much wastefulness in the space. Part of my experience prior to GTS was living through the frustrations described above. I knew that the principles I cherished would be welcomed and refreshing.

My aim is to provide an environment where employees feel safe, are nurtured and encouraged to become the brand ambassador helping in recruiting and training new talents.

We at GTS are a happy bunch. We are always looking for new challenges and finding innovative ways to solve them.

Customer centric
Empathy and warmth go a long way
Talent and skill can be found everywhere
Ask questions with sincerity
Nothing worth doing is easy
No tricks
Honesty and transparency are critical
Create champions inside and outside GTS
Admit and embrace bias and
ignorance with grace
Fiscally responsible
Understand and respect risk
Never underestimate the power of “thank you”