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Empowering Connections Through Technology

At GTS, we're redefining how technology connects us.

Leading the Future of Customer Engagement:
Bridging Technology and Human Connections

At GTS, we believe in the potential to strengthen human connections with the transformative power of technology. As proud partners with industry leaders like Genesys, Amazon, Google, and Zoom, we are dedicated to leading the way in cloud contact center innovations, UCaaS, and bespoke solution development. Our mission is to elevate customer experiences by blending advanced technology with a deeply human touch. By harnessing the power of our partnerships and our expertise in creating cutting-edge, AI-driven solutions, we strive to foster trust and loyalty among our clients. At GTS, we're not just about implementing technology; we're about building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional experiences that drive success and satisfaction.

Contributing to Our Capabilities

Our journey has been significantly shaped by our partnerships with leading tech giants. Google, Genesys, AWS, Bandwidth, Carahsoft, and AdaptCX have been instrumental in enabling us to deliver unparalleled solutions.


Make a Difference with GTS

 We don’t just promise innovative customer experiences; we deliver them through a blend of incredible talent, technology, and passion. If you’re driven to make an impact in technology and customer experience, GTS provides the perfect platform.

Our Core Values

The Foundation of Our Success

At GTS, our purpose and values are at the heart of our identity. They guide us in forging connected, valuable, and enduring relationships with the world's most respected organizations. Our commitment to leadership, integrity, innovation, understanding, unity, and passion defines our path to excellence.

Empathetic Engagement
Warmth in Tech

Fostering strong customer relationships through empathy and warmth, ensuring technology serves humanity.

Embrace Challenges
Rewarding Tasks

Believing that the most rewarding tasks require perseverance and dedication, we see being challenge-oriented as key.

Graceful Learning
Admit & Grow

Valuing humility, gracefully acknowledging and learning from biases and ignorance to foster growth.

Diverse Talent
Skills Unbound

Championing inclusivity by recognizing and harnessing talent and skills from a diverse range of sources.

Transparent Integrity
Honest Operations

We stand for no tricks – honesty and transparency are at the core of our operations and innovations.

Financial Wisdom
Risk Awareness

Fiscal responsibility is key – understanding and respecting risks to ensure sustainable growth.

Inquisitive Culture
Sincere Questions

Cultivating curiosity and encouraging sincere questioning to drive innovation and understanding.

Fostering Champions
Inside & Beyond

Empowering individuals, nurturing internal and external champions in technology and business.

Thankful Approach
Powerful Thanks

Embracing the power of gratitude, recognizing the impact of a simple 'thank you' in building lasting relationships.

Join the Ranks of CX Leaders

GTS is dedicated to delivering experiences that not only retain customers but also turn them into brand advocates. No matter your industry, join us in setting new standards for customer experience.

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