Take your Appeals Online. Anywhere. Any phone.

Customer Care is fast evolving. Citizens and constituents want the legal system to meet them remotely to resolve claims. Organizing and scheduling onsite appeals is tough and results in long delays.

It is more vital than ever to deliver an exceptional service through the use of technology. Enabling hearing officers to meet claimants, witnesses, and legal representatives remotely results in quick resolution.

How would you do that?

Digital Appeals & Recording Solution

GTS’s Digital Appeals and Recording Solution (DARS) is a SaaS-based solution and is built in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Fully built & deployed as a native AWS cloud application, the solution is highly secure, scalable, and provides the best possible performance, all while reducing the total cost of ownership.
Powered by AWS
DARS is a feature rich online phone hearing solution which comes with a lot of out-of-box functions.
  • Secure token-based authentication using AWS Cognito
  • Easy navigation to scheduled hearings
  • Easy Case management
  • Role based access
  • Invite hearing officers to the platform in seconds
  • Group users by departments and teams
  • Assign / Re-assign cases to the hearing officers
  • Upload your own music-on-hold
  • Manage admin settings
  • Start hearings with a single click
  • Conduct hearings remotely or at work
  • Add / Update hearing participants from the hearing interface
  • Clearly identify the participant types via customer type code
  • Re-dial participants with a single click
  • Easily mute and / or unmute participants individually or all at once
  • Easily hold and / or resume participants individually or all at once
  • Sequester participants
  • Broadcast disclaimer messages to all participants in a single click
  • Audible tone when someone is added to the hearing or when someone drops
  • Audible tone when recording starts and stops
  • Record the hearing completely
  • Play and download the recordings
  • Take notes during hearing
  • Audit logs showing user activities
  • Send SMS to individual participants
  • Receive evidence via SMS and attach it to the hearing
  • Disposition the hearing with proper resolution code
  • End hearing with a single click


View hearing schedules and details
Start hearing and call participants
Administer hearing
Manage recording

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