Data & Analytics

There’s a story hidden in almost any dataset. The challenge: can you find it, and is it relevant to your business? Furthermore, can you tell its story in a way that’s actionable?

These data mining and analytical skills can be an enormous competitive advantage to an organization that has access to sufficient pools of data. And most organizations are tapped into more data sources that they realize.

An active call center generates huge datasets every minute, but most organizations barely make use of it.

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Data capture and storage

Step one is routing the data in a way that makes it most efficient to process. Most of this can be done by software—we can help you configure existing or new systems to manage this.

Data analysis

This step combines humans with machines. Analysts use a suite of tools and techniques to filter, sort, manipulate, test, organize and visualize data. From this activity, they hunt for relevant stories, trends and anomalies. GTS can train staff, or act as a staff-extension in this regard.

Data storytelling

Once the story has been found, it needs to be presented in the right context to the right people. Far too many brilliant finds have died in the boardroom because they came presented as reams of unintelligible spreadsheets or over complex charts.

data & analytics

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