Cloud Migration

It’s not as scary as it sounds. And it’s essentially a modern day requirement for any organization that has a large base of customers.

Our speciality is in enabling a low-friction journey from on-premise to cloud. Any migration will come with some bumps and bruises. That’s normal. But we’ve seen it all, and are ready for pretty much any scenario.

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Cloud vs. on-premise—it’s typically a no-brainer

Look, on-premise did a great job in its time. These systems are impressive feats of physical technology. But their time is almost over. It’s common for organizations who migrate to AWS (Amazon Web Services) from on-premises to see stats like:

  • 31% average infrastructure cost savings (fewer physical things to worry about)
  • 62% more efficient IT infrastructure management (newer tech just works
  • 3X more features delivered per year (many of them you can just download)
  • 69% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 43% fewer security incidents per year

You can migrate any workload

Yes, it can be a lot. Yes, it is possible! We’ve worked with applications, websites, contact centers, databases, servers and more. GTS works hard to make it run smooth, and we always have your bottom line in mind.


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