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Disaster Recovery Solutions

As we all know: things happen. A “disaster” could be as simple as a flood—basically anything that threatens to do serious damage to (or even destroy) your business infrastructure is a risk that must be accounted for. Disaster recovery is all about managing this risk and maintaining the integrity of data, databases, and technology that runs your organization.

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Advantages of a good DR strategy

The impacts of a disaster often radiate beyond the initial event. Recovery efforts themselves can be costly and expensive. Critical data loss can continue to create bottlenecks or inefficiencies long after the dust has settled.

Disaster recovery strategies and solutions balance the cost and risk of preventative tactics and redundancy systems based on your current ecosystem. A good DR strategy will limit expenses while ensuring that the right amount of data is protected and that the time needed to recover impacted data is optimized.

Elements of a disaster recovery plan

DR solutions will vary from client to client, but some common approaches can include:

  • Backup data centers that exist outside of natural disaster zones
  • AWS Cloud Solutions that run in parallel and turn on when needed
  • Highly secure facilities located near major transit hubs to ensure access
  • Rapid response teams that minimize any downtime associated with backup systems coming online
  • Offline testing environments that can be potentially leveraged for other activities

Assessing your disaster recovery plan

GTS is an expert in AWS based DR strategies for the recovery of cloud based data. If you’re operating in the cloud, we’d love to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your disaster recovery options.

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