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Database Evaluation and Migration Service

A database is the core of any business that’s connected to the digital world. Which makes databases the core of most businesses, period. Neglecting to have a modern, cloud-ready database can put you at a significant operational disadvantage. We can help evaluate your current DB situation and facilitate any required migration.

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Determining your database destiny

How do you know when a database needs an upgrade? Or a full overhaul? GTS will help you build a data-driven business case for your situation. This case will consider several aspects, such as a current cost-breakdown for on-premises costs, executive summaries of cost savings (across various workload scenarios), and recommendations regarding executing a successful migration if needed.

Leveraging Amazon Relational Database Services

Amazon RDS is an important platform that enables setup, operations, and scaling for relational cloud databases. Our Amazon RDS experts will help you get the most out of all that it offers, including security and compliance, automated patching and upgrades, backup and recovery, monitoring and alerting, data durability and redundancy, and more.

Oracle to Snowflake evaluation and setup

Oracle is a traditional database management system that has been around since 1979. One of the most common database migrations GTS does is from Oracle to the cloud-native and Amazon compatible Snowflake database management system. Snowflake has many advantages over Oracle—we’d be happy to have a chat to see if this service is right for your business!

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