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cx is no longer enough!

What matters today is the experience which makes life easier, purposeful and more productive.  

At GTS we believe in creating positive experiences. We are not your typical CX vendor.




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simplify cx with enterprise contact center

Your customers deserve frictionless, consistent, personal and flawless experience. The information we seek should be at our fingertip when we need it. We should be able to interact with machine in the same way we do with humans. We expect the flow of information proactively. Competition is just a click away if brands do not connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

We help you create positive experiences for your customers, build trust and brand loyalty.

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What we do

We help businesses connect with their customers with compassion and elevate their experiences with Enterprise Customer Experience platform. We are a team specializing in 

  • Genesys Cloud Platform
  • Genesys Engage & Engage Cloud
  • Omni-channel platform for Government
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Front-office and Back-office automation
  • Custom solution development


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Customer self-service

Speech-enabled IVR, Voicebots and Chatbots

Digital channels

Chat, SMS, Email, Messaging App, Co-browse and Screen Share.

Inbound routing

Skill-based routing, Intelligent Workload Distribution and Voice callback

Outbound campaigns

Proactive notifications, campaign management, voice broadcast and more.

Workforce engagement

Workforce management, quality monitoring and speech analytics

Reporting and analytics

Real-time and historical insights, management dashboard and more

empathy: the new way to connect with customers

Brand empathy is about more than crafting ultra-specific customer segments, or understanding customer needs; it’s about truly putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and trying to understand how they see the world.

It drives faster ROI, creates positive connection, increases loyalty and builds trust. Our expertise with Genesys Customer Experience platform facilitates that. 


Increase in agent productivity


Increase in digital sales


Faster ROI

presenting genesys cloud

Sit back and relax. Spare us 1:43 min. We are about to show you the power of Genesys Cloud. 

Ok. Now let's talk how GTS can help you with your cloud journey.

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Scale with Genesys Engage

Does your Contact Center have complex needs? Are you looking for flexible deployment options? Do you need sophistication at scale? If you answered yes to all the questions, then Genesys Engage Contact Center software is what you need. 

The omni-channel Genesys Engage solution gives you that competitive edge and supports your larger digital transformation initiatives. 

70 billion customer experiences delivered!

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We can help you with your engage journey.

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