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  • Ram Agarwal

SMS notifications for a local government

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By: Ram Agarwal on January 30, 2023


Sometimes, your government needs to tell you something important, and quickly. It could be a courtesy notification about a canceled appointment. It could be a health warning about the water supply. Or, it could be an emergency alert. Using SMS text messaging is a modern and reliable solution.

Our client’s challenge

Palm Beach County, like many local governments, faced challenges in effectively communicating with its citizens. Phone and email only got so far, and took up a lot of time. There was no central system for notifications either, leading to all sorts of confusion (for government staff and constituents alike).

SMS text messaging was clearly a smart way forward, but to get that up and running they first needed to develop (and then manage) a stable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud- based solution.

Solution: notiphi ® on AWS

After working closely with Palm Beach County to understand their pain points and custom needs, Global Technology Solutions modified and implemented our notiphi® solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It utilized various AWS services including DynamoDB for database management.

The service is easy to use, with a simple web-based interface that allows staff to quickly send messages to large groups of citizens. It fully integrates with other systems, enabling automated notifications for appointment cancellations or reschedulings.

Results: a better connected constituency

Since implementing the SMS aggregation service, Palm Beach County has seen significant improvements in communication with citizens. Departments can reach citizens more quickly and efficiently, which has led to fewer delays and a more streamlined process for both staff and citizens. Additionally, the ability to automatically send notifications has helped to reduce confusion and improve the overall citizen experience.

GTS is one of the most innovative, fastest growing AWS partners in North America. We help public sector organizations innovate and provide superior service to their constituents. If you need to reach your citizens in a faster, smarter way through SMS, please don’t hesitate to fill in the form on this page. We’d love to chat.

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