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OmniAssistantAI: Transforming Customer Engagement

Transform your customer experience with OmniAssistantAI, designed to be ADA and JAWS compliant, facilitating intelligent interactions across multiple platforms. This ensures a seamless and innovative service experience for all users.

Why Choose OmniAssistantAI?

OmniAssistantAI enhances support with multilingual capabilities, advanced chat interfaces, and powerful integrations.

Multi-Channel Support
Effortless Engagement

Engage customers across various platforms effortlessly.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Enjoy a sophisticated chat interface powered by Google.

Contextual Awareness
Contextual Knowledge

Experience heightened understanding and responsiveness.


Ready to transform your customer support and conquer language barriers?

Unlocking Multilingual Superpowers

Empowering Customer Support with Intelligent Interactions

Discover how OmniAssistantAI drives customer support with a unique blend of languages, automation, and processes, all aligned towards enhancing your contact center's capabilities.

Connecting With The Leading Artificial Intelligence Platforms

In collaboration with industry leaders like AWS, Genesys, Google Cloud, and your system, we bring you to the forefront of cloud technology and innovation.

Amazon Connect
Untitled design_edited.png

Easily integrates with cloud-based contact center services.

Amazon Lex

Harnessing advanced AI for conversational interfaces.

Genesys Cloud
Untitled design (1)_edited.png

Connecting with a leading customer experience platform.

Google Cloud

Harnessing the power of Google Cloud for unmatched experiences.


NLP: Enhancing understanding and interaction.

Audio/Video: Integrating multimedia communication.

Data Insights: Driving decisions with analytics.

System Integration: Seamlessly connecting tools.

Continuous Learning: Evolving with every interaction.

Markdown: Supporting rich text elements.

Video Chat: Escalating interaction dynamically.

Screen Share: Collaborating effectively.

Captioning: Ensuring accessibility.

Signature Pad: Embedding verification.

Global & Customer Impact

Expanding reach and deeply enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Brand & Insight Growth

Improving brand reputation and providing valuable market insights for informed decision-making.

Competitive Differentiation

Offering a significant edge in a rapidly evolving market.


Seamless Integration with OmniAssistantAI

Navigating Engagement, Technical Setup, Process Alignment, Execution, and Continuous Improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What contract vehicles are available for Government Agencies to acquire OmniDARS?
    – GSA – NASPO – Quilt
  • What does the process look like for a new agency starting with OmniDARS?
    Demo meeting to see if we are a good fit. Planning, overview, kickoff, and agreement. We can get you up and running within 30 days or less - from your first demo meeting to an agreement to using OmniDARS.
  • Who is OmniDARS not a good fit for?
    1. Agencies with less than five judges. 2. Agencies with dial-in process, whereby participants and judges dial-in for the appeals.
  • Is it Government Secure and Compliant?
    DARS was specifically designed for the government’s needs. It has been built with the highest security in mind and meets moderate FedRAMP specifications, as it is hosted on AWS Cloud.
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