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OmniPods: Extend Your Skills, Revolutionize Your Business

Harness the potential of OmniPods: Boost your IT prowess with our expertly assembled team, designed to seamlessly complement and enhance your existing assets. Achieve innovation, efficiency, and scalability, and propel your projects to new heights with unmatched precision and expertise.

Why Choose OmniPods?

OmniPods redefine contact center operations with flexible, scalable, and innovative solutions tailored to meet dynamic business needs.

Elastic Team
Adaptable Workforce

Elastic team model scales with your needs, ensuring agile and efficient operations.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Leverage the latest in cloud technology and automation for superior performance.

Continuous Innovation
Stay Ahead

Embrace continuous improvement and excellence with our sprint-based mindset.

Predictable Excellence
Reliable Outcomes

Enjoy consistent, high-quality results with our predictable and transparent framework.


Transform Now with OmniPods

The OmniPods Approach

Empowering Transformation with a Holistic Approach

Discover how OmniPods drive transformation through a unique blend of people, automation, and processes, all strategically aligned to enhance your contact center's capabilities.

OmniPods Pricing Flexibility


Offers flexibility with hourly pricing models


Allocate a minimum block of 500 hours


Option to replenish hours as needed


Cloud Migrations: Assisting with legacy transitions to the cloud.

Infrastructure Build-Outs: Delivering infrastructure-as-code solutions.

DevOps & Automation: Implementing efficient CI/CD and automation.

Performance Management: Conducting optimization and load testing.

Application Operations: Supporting critical build and release processes.

FedRAMP Expertise: Specializing in FedRAMP compliant solutions.

Disaster Recovery: Ensuring robust disaster recovery planning.

Cost Optimization: Analyzing and improving cost efficiency.

Account Manager (AM)

Responsible for customer success, overseeing tier-hours consumption, coordinating projects, and acting as a point of escalation.

Solutions Architect (SA)

Manages technical aspects, ensures goal achievement, and delivers solutions that meet technical objectives.

Senior CCaaS Cloud Engineers (SCCE)

Offers technical expertise and collaborates in delivering a complete Genesys cloud solution.

CCaaS Cloud Engineers (CCE)

Skilled in DevOps, scripting, and automation across Genesys cloud infrastructures.


 OmniPods Onboarding & Engagement Process

Navigating Engagement, Technical Setup, Process Alignment, Execution, and Continuous Improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What contract vehicles are available for Government Agencies to acquire OmniDARS?
    – GSA – NASPO – Quilt
  • What does the process look like for a new agency starting with OmniDARS?
    Demo meeting to see if we are a good fit. Planning, overview, kickoff, and agreement. We can get you up and running within 30 days or less - from your first demo meeting to an agreement to using OmniDARS.
  • Who is OmniDARS not a good fit for?
    1. Agencies with less than five judges. 2. Agencies with dial-in process, whereby participants and judges dial-in for the appeals.
  • Is it Government Secure and Compliant?
    DARS was specifically designed for the government’s needs. It has been built with the highest security in mind and meets moderate FedRAMP specifications, as it is hosted on AWS Cloud.
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