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GTS Joins the Ranks as Gold Partner at Genesys

ALTA LOMA, CALIFORNIA, USA - 14/10/2022 Global Technology Solutions Inc. (‘GTS’ or ‘The Company’), a leading provider of empathetic change management for digital transformation is proud to announce its achievement of Gold Partner status with Genesys.

Genesys®, a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, helps organizations harness the power of cloud, digital, and artificial intelligence technologies to provide people-centered customer and employee experiences at scale. Its partner program applies a rigorous set of criteria to organizations that deploy and consult on these technologies, requiring them to excel in many areas including knowledge, experience, and client

“Achieving Genesys Gold Partner status reflects perseverance and top-caliber execution from our team,” said Ram Agarwal, President & CEO at GTS. “Customer and total experience is becoming a key strategic advantage for many organizations. The technology that underpins success in this area is therefore critical. The solutions at Genesys represent some of the best on the market, which is why we’re thrilled to continue to expand our relationship through this achievement.”

GTS is the only Genesys partner with a focus on the public sector making the company unique among Gold Partners. While capable of addressing the customer experience and digital transformation needs of most complex organizations, GTS started out helping state & local government and education (SLED) agencies modernize their contact centers and deliver better service to their citizens.

“In a world where focusing on the different needs of every customer is more significant than ever, it’s imperative we work with partners who truly understand those individual customers to deliver unique, impactful and satisfying experiences,” said Bruce Rosen, SVP at Genesys. GTS is among the caliber of Genesys Gold Partners leading this strategy through our evolving markets. We look forward to continued collaboration with their team as we strive to deliver long-lasting positive experiences across the globe.”




Global Technology Solutions Inc. refuels the customer experiences through the power of cloud and AI. Understanding the customers pain points and taking a CX centric approach, GTS is known for its Cloud Migration and Solution Implementation/Integration practice. Executing the project and then setting best practices for the organization to move to the platform is where we invest our efforts.

When you work with us, we come ready with battle-tested processes, preparation drills, critical checklists, and comprehensive training services. Our core focus is to make your transition as frictionless and effective as possible.

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