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GTS Is Changing the Way US Law Judges Process Citizens' Appeals


THE BRONX, N.Y., October 30, 2023 ( - Global Technology Solutions, a company focused on customer service technology, announces Digital Appeal Recording Solution (DARS), a whole new way for government agencies to clear a backlog of appeals and save hundreds of hours doing it. DARS is a new, government-compliant, easy-to-use tool with automation, analytics and reporting built in.

An average administrative law judge is wasting 5+ hours each work week, just clicking in frustration between different applications - simply so they can do their job. The problem with that is those applications were not intended for conducting hearings online.

"If I have 75 scheduled hearings, I can only manage 25-30 of them, and each one takes 30-45 days to set up. This is incredibly frustrating!" 
-Administrative law judge, government workforce agency, Florida

A new system has been developed that will save government agencies hundreds of hours of work and reduce administrative judges’ burnout. 

The new system, called DARS, is a web-based platform that automates the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with processing claims and appeals. DARS is already being used by several U.S. government agencies and has proven to be a successful solution. 

With DARS, agencies can improve citizen satisfaction, save hundreds of thousands in operational costs, and reduce administrative judges’ burnout.

Visit to see it at work.


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