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Generative AI Leadership Retreat

Mastering AI for Business Excellence

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Course Title: Generative AI for Business Leaders – 5 Days Instructor: Dr. Atif Farid Mohammad Contact: Email: Course Description: This comprehensive 5-day course is crafted for senior business leaders to deepen their understanding of Generative AI and its application across critical business functions such as marketing, supply chain management, and finance. It aims to equip participants with the tools to integrate AI into their strategic initiatives, enhancing customer engagement and driving profitability through digital transformation. Course Objectives: - Develop a robust understanding of Generative AI technologies. - Apply AI methodologies strategically to optimize business operations. - Engage in advanced discussions on data-centric AI applications including business intelligence and data science. - Implement AI ethically and effectively across business processes. Learner Outcomes: Participants will: - Master AI strategy formulation using a diverse set of technologies. - Acclimate to advanced data-centric discussions pertinent to key business sectors. - Enhance capabilities in addressing non-technical audiences on ethical AI use. Required Texts: - Understanding Generative AI by Ralf T Kreutzer, Marre Sirrenberg. - Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow by Aurélien Géron. - Time-Series Analysis with Python Cookbook – Available for a free trial and purchase on Amazon and Packt. Key Policies: - Academic Integrity: Strict adherence to honesty and integrity standards. - Attendance and Participation: Mandatory participation in all sessions is required for course completion certification. - Professional Conduct: Participants must maintain professional behavior, adhering to all legal and ethical standards. Course Highlights: - Day 1: AI introduction, data preprocessing, and model understanding. - Day 2: Data visualization tools and techniques, supervised ML model evaluation. - Day 3 to Day 5: Intensive workshops on AI applications in business, ethical considerations, and practical implementation strategies. Evaluation: - Continuous assessment through assignments, discussions, and a final group project. - Grading from A (90-100%) to F (below 69%). For further details and registration, please contact This streamlined summary provides an overview of the objectives, structure, and expectations of the "Generative AI for Business Leaders" course.

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