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Course Title: Generative AI for Business Execs – 2 Days Instructor: Dr. Atif Farid Mohammad Contact: Email: Course Description: This two-day course is designed for senior executives to explore the capabilities of Generative AI in enhancing business operations across marketing, supply chain management, and finance. It emphasizes practical applications and strategic integration of AI to foster digital transformation and improve customer relationships. Course Objectives: - Understand Generative AI's role in business optimization. - Apply AI methodologies to improve client engagement and profitability. - Address AI implementation on ethical grounds and manage digital transformation initiatives. Key Outcomes: Participants will: - Identify and apply suitable AI strategies across business functions. - Gain familiarity with business intelligence, AI industry applications, and data science. - Enhance ability to discuss social, mobile, cloud, and security implications of AI. Required Texts: - "Understanding Generative AI" by Ralf T Kreutzer, Marre Sirrenberg. - "Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow" by Aurélien Géron. - "Time-Series Analysis with Python Cookbook" (available on Amazon and Packt). Course Structure: - Day 1: Introduction to AI technologies, data preprocessing, model building, and exploratory data analysis. - Day 2: Supervised ML models, AI for business applications, and ethical considerations in AI. Evaluation: - Assignments include discussions, a personal reflection, a business use case presentation, and a final research report. - Graded on a scale from A (90-100%) to F (<69%). Professional Expectations: - Adherence to academic integrity, participation in all scheduled sessions, and professional conduct in coursework and interactions. Policies: - Mandatory attendance and active participation. - Zero tolerance for academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and cheating. Registration Contact:

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