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Transforming your customer engagement with AI Chatbot

By: Ram Agarwal on July 12, 2021

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The future of customer engagement is all about AI chatbots. What is a chatbot, and why are they so vital for your business? The chatbot is an AI-based digital assistant that can execute different commands like a natural conversation with a customer.

Chatbots can assist customers with searching for information about the services that a company provides, checking information about products, and store locations, making reservations or bookings, assessing customer experience, and many more different commands.

By 2022, bots are expected to handle 75-90% of all queries. Conversational AI is an emerging technology that has been adopted across many industries. By 2025, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.3 billion. According to Google Trends reports, Interest in chatbots has increased over 5X times over the past year.

56% of companies state that conversational chatbots are disruptive in their industries, and 43% report their competitors are already implementing the technology. The USA, India, Germany, The UK, and Brazil are the top countries that have websites with Chatbots.

More than half of internet users say they're satisfied with chatbots, and 60 percent of millennials already use them for purchasing any product. Chatbots have become a resolution for fast response and maintaining a positive customer experience.

Top Industries To Use Chatbot


Conversational AI for healthcare can completely automate the front office. Chatbots are used by doctors and nurses to schedule appointments and do patient entries. Patients will not have to wait for hospital staff to respond to their transfer requests, discharges, and consultation requests.


With exponential sales growth, the e-commerce industry is on a roll. Any business seeking success can't rely solely on its human sales and support team. E-commerce and retail companies are using conversational AI to capture and qualify leads faster, save time, provide cross-platform support, and shorten sales cycles.

Travel & Hospitality

Business hours in the travel and hospitality industry are 8 hours while customers require assistance 24 hours a day. You may face the challenge of losing more than half of its potential customers. With an AI chatbot, you can engage potential leads, qualify them, and convert them into sales. A conversational AI can also be available to answer customer questions 24x7 to enhance their travel experience.

Real Estate

A real estate website is a great place to find unique properties and apartments, as every customer has their own requirements. By interacting with the visitor through a series of predetermined questions, chatbots enable the real estate industry to provide the customer with the information they need. With chatbots, customers can quickly identify their specific requirements and be directed to the right property page without delay.

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are being revolutionized by chatbots in a big way. The bots can help users find nearby ATMs, check their account balance, or transfer funds to another account. Banks also use Chatbots for marketing purposes such as sending customized information about savings and investments to customers.

Top Benefits of AI Chatbots

The surge in on-demand messaging is also one of the reasons why customer's way of interacting with brands has changed.

To meet customer expectations, businesses integrate chatbots into customer service processes to offer superior customer service. Using chatbots has numerous benefits, and how a business uses them to enhance the customer’s experience will always be the key factor.

Let's discuss the benefits of Chatbots for your business in detail.

Increase Customer Engagement

A chatbot can help businesses engage customers on a whole new level. As they drive interactions based on user input, they can make engagement more interactive. Customer responses can be analyzed by chatbots and they use a customer's name based on the history of the past conversations.

A chatbot can help customers stay on your website longer and maintain a conversation by avoiding irrelevant information. AI Bots will keep your customers engaged with your brand by answering their questions consistently and responding quickly. With real-time response, chatbots can save time and cost for both businesses and customers.

Monitor Consumer Data and Gain Insights

AI Chatbot is a great tool for interacting with customers. They collect feedback through simple questions that allow you to improve your products and services. You can also adjust the low-converting pages of your website. Chatbots are capable of tracking patterns and analyzing consumer behavior with the help of user data.

Companies can predict consumer responses based on messaging and guide their bot to suggest a more suitable product or service to the users. Also, notify the sales and marketing teams when personalized human assistance is required. Businesses can collect and create customer profiles, send push notifications, and ask for reviews from direct customers.

Improve Lead Generation and Nurturing

Chatbots can be deployed in the lead-generation process to engage customers with personalized messages during their journey. It helps customers make quick decisions by guiding and recommending suitable solutions. You can use chatbots to qualify leads, ask necessary questions to persuade the users, and generate a lead. You can keep optimizing the flow to increase conversion rates.

While generating potential customers and alerting the sales team, a chatbot can also identify unqualified leads through KPIs determined through your commands.

Reduce Costs

Companies can optimize costs without compromising on quality service. Investing in chatbots saves extra costs associated with hiring more support agents. Using chatbots can help businesses save on salaries, training, and infrastructure costs. There are many benefits of using AI chatbots in customer service, which include scaling chat support during busy hours, automating repetitive business processes, and enabling new customer service models.

A chatbot can be scaled during business peak times without incurring additional costs. Thus helping your business to reduce costs and increase revenues as well as customer satisfaction. Furthermore, by provides a simple and seamless brand experience for customers. Businesses need to boost efficiency and improve their customer service by deploying chatbots.

Leverage Conversational AI for Marketing

Real-time conversations are a powerful way to move buyers through the sales funnel. Businesses can create authentic experiences and relationships with customers through Conversational Marketing. The engagement that brands can provide through smart chatbots and targeted messaging can drive conversion rates. Developing a conversational marketing strategy has many benefits.

When visitors can initiate a conversation on your website rather than being forced to fill out forms, you will engage with more leads and increase opportunities. Conversational marketing aims to reduce frustrating experiences with customer support lines. With a problem-solving approach and providing customers with the information they need, you will maintain customer satisfaction and retention.

Automation With Human Touch

Technology combined with a chatbot for human touch can help brands provide seamless customer service. Chatbots and live chat software can help businesses let customers self-serve and resolve common issues while connecting them with human support agents when necessary.

Using AI-enabled chatbots as the primary channel helps businesses provide real-time customer support. The agents can assist customers with complex questions that require extensive discussion without leaving them unanswered.

Other benefits include, The seamless transition from chatbot to live chat provides the best hybrid experience for the customers. Live chat and chatbots can improve customer engagement by allowing brands to provide intelligent responses to customers every other day.

The Bottom Line

AI Chatbots are revolutionizing customer service. Across all industry verticals, chatbot technology is enhancing customer service, sales, marketing, and customer engagement. You can easily scale your customer conversations and handle a high volume of chats at once. Increase the productivity of your business without spending any additional costs and resources.

In the emerging world of chatbots and intelligent assistants, data is always sought after and is used to connect the dots to provide the bigger picture. Businesses need to identify their concerns and start deploying AI chatbots to achieve the desired goals. It would be a mistake for a business not to implement a chatbot given the many benefits.

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