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To Bite Or Not To Bite?

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By: Ivan Ullmann on April 21, 2021

It was a little after midnight, and I was up late yet again. I snuck into my kitchen, quiet as a mouse, to raid my refrigerator and construct the ultimate late-nightNo-Good-Decisions-Are-Made-After-Midnight” sandwich. I rounded up the usual suspects: turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise. Upon my pillowy bread, I laid gently my turkey slices, my glorious golden cheese, my crunchy lettuce, and succulent tomato. Then, when I was just about to spread my silky mayo upon my top slice, I noted that it was just outside of its use-by date. It being late, and me being hungry, I just shrugged my shoulders, slathered that condiment upon my bread, and happily munched away at my sandwich. It was delicious and I suffered no ill consequences as a result (except perhaps to my dignity).

Rise to the Challenge

The same basic scenario can apply to Genesys Interactive Insights (or GI2). GI2 reached the end of support on January 24th, 2021, and just like my mayonnaise, it’s probably still good to use and won’t cause anyone any harm. Until it does. And that’s why Genesys has introduced Genesys Customer eXperience Insights (or GCXI).

GI2 is based upon SAP’s Business Objects technology, and while certainly proven and reliable, it’s a technology that is no longer in its prime. While customizable SAP BO universes certainly held sway over data lakes and data warehouses, that’s just not the world that we live in today. Today’s world is about uplift and loosely coupled integrations. Today’s world is the cloud.

The new service landscape is revealed

In the cloud, what we’re looking for is service elasticity, and pooled resources as opposed to where we have been, which is high availability service structures and

scalable virtual machines in a premise construction. Enter Genesys and their GCXI product which is built according to their new multi-cloud paradigm. The product itself does exactly what its predecessor did: uplift complex and granularly detailed interactions into a report that is at once both conversational and flowing. And it’s not just a shiny new facelift over an existing product. Reworked for Docker containerization and Kubernetes controls plane infrastructure, GCXI is at its core another proven and reliable technology: MicroStrategy.

GCXI provides another thing that its predecessor could not: portability. You see, it follows Genesys’ new and ambitious “multi-cloud” model, where you can write it once and run it anywhere. Love AWS and drink Amazon? Place it in AWS with no issues. What if you’re a Microsoft Azure fan? No problem! Push it to Azure and run it there. A Google fanatic? Why not? It’ll run inside of Google Cloud as well. What if you’re not a fan of cloud-based services and prefer to run it on-premise? You can! GCXI runs just as well outside of the cloud as it does inside, and requires a surprisingly small footprint to run well.

The Challenge - Answered

“Self, I have this expired reporting product, and I don’t have the appetite to consume this new one.”

So now you’re looking at your reporting user interface and thinking to yourself, “Self, I have this expired reporting product, and I don’t have the appetite to consume this new one.” That’s totally fair. This is where Global Technology Solutions, a GenesysSilver Partner comes in to help. We install the software, update for your custom reporting, and send you on your way with your shiny, brand new services implementation. We do it fast, and we do it right. Exactly what you need and expect no matter whether you’re interested in a hands-off cloud construction,

running in your own private cloud, or on-premises services implementation.

So your mayonnaise is out of date?

We could accept the risks of using it after it expires, but might it not be a smarter play to replace it with something fresh, and enjoy knowing its unlikely to cause you distress later? At least you could have a helping hand making that a reality. At least you still have a chance to save your dignity.

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