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  • Tony Colombo

How Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Increases Operational Efficiency

By: Tony Colombo on August 21, 2021

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Today, we live in a world where industry trends change in the blink of an eye. The same goes for workforce engagement management. As more and more organizations recognize that employee engagement directly affects organizations' profitability and financial health, Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) becomes imperative. Organizations view WEM tools as an investment in improving operational performance and employee engagement.

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) has emerged as a critical driver of business success in a competitive marketplace. Certainly, contact centers have taken a customer-first approach to service, which relies on Workforce Optimization (WFO) technology to drive agent and operational efficiency.

It's getting incredibly challenging to keep the new normal, “distributed” workforce motivated and happy during a pandemic. Thought business leaders and managers must keep themselves updated on these WEM Technologies and workforce engagement strategies to build a proactive, productive, and much-engaged workforce.

WEM focuses more on a people-first culture where every employee feels personally cared for and respected by their organization. These engagement management tools facilitate the implementation of strategies as well as the enhancement of work-life harmony throughout the organization.

What is Workforce Engagement management?

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) is an efficient approach coined by Gartner for increasing customer service agent engagement. Gartner has released its 2021 Magic

Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management which defines Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) as a collection of technologies that expands on mature Workforce Optimization (WFO) by addressing functions that help increase employee engagement within customer service operations.

Businesses should assess the potential needs, expectations, and aspirations of the next generation of employees within the contact center. This impacts the employee in positive terms and keeps them motivated throughout the employee life cycle for operational efficiency but also enhances customer experience.

Workforce Engagement Management is an evolution from Workforce Optimization (WFO), it is a more employee-centric approach that focuses on optimizing efficiency and managing costs. Workforce engagement significantly enhances the quality by empowering the agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Workforce Engagement Management is a suite of software tools that shows promising possibilities for businesses to increase agent engagement and retention. Additionally, they can support your entire contact center goals. If you’re a contact center trying to increase agent engagement, Genesys WEM solution can help you bridge the gaps in your organizational engagement strategies.

Benefits of WEM Technology

Workforce Engagement Management is more flexible and more powerful than ever before. In addition to automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the WEM suite of tools offers a greater level of sophistication to simplify operation while increasing the efficiency of the contact centers. Workforce Engagement Management includes the following beneficial capabilities.

Employee Performance Management

Empower your employees to drive performance only on the Genesys WEM platform. Employee Performance Management is one of the critical components of WEM which has a significant impact on agent satisfaction and engagement.

Performance solutions inspire agents to improve their service and compare their targets to past performance. Genesys Employee Performance lets you pinpoint the success factors with capabilities like performance plan workflows, dashboards, and gamification of targets to achieve goals timely, leading to greater impacts within your contact center.

Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling

Forecasting and scheduling for the workforce can be a complex job. To match the employees with the optimal level of performance, it is crucial to assign the right employee who has the skills required for the right job. A Genesys CX WEM Platform with AI uses historical data from the agencies and numerous forecasting methods for incredible accuracy to do that job on your behalf.

For instance, understaffed contact centers cause stress to employees thus lower customer satisfaction. Furthermore, overstaffing increases costs and idle agents. This CX Workforce Management software allows you to forecast call volumes and plan your staffing.

By using machine learning algorithms and AI, the platform can create work plans according to the constraints and rules weekly for long-term planning. Automating operational practices will improve accuracy and efficiency across the board. This also helps the workforce to be prepared in advance.

Improved Quality Assurance and Monitoring

There is no WEM solution without quality management tools that facilitate coaching and evaluations, as well as foster a culture of continual improvement. In addition to leveraging analytics to evaluate the interactions, high-quality monitoring ensures optimal customer experience and agent development.

At the same time, coaching shows agents that the organization is invested in their professional development and show exceptional results. Agents can also voice their opinions about evaluations using these software features as resolution workflows.

Enhanced Speech and Text Analytics

In call centers, call recording, and automation of speech and text analytics go hand in hand. This capability can help your agents improve live interactions in real-time and offers insights into native speech and text analytics.

Earlier, employees had to listen to random call samples to derive decisions, therefore, missing some actionable calls from customers. Genesys CX WEM is a single solution that can mine all the calls to make the data cohesive and searchable. Therefore, you can search for key events about agent performance, customer experience, and compliance. Speech and Text Analytics holds the key to your business intelligence and customer satisfaction.

Motivate with Gamifaction

Gamification features are a fruitful addon to motivate your customer service employees. Organizations are rethinking how to manage employee performance and KPIs regardless of the location of the team. With the evolving remote work, there is a necessity for the WEM technology to improve productivity and improve operations.

Gamification is the way to appeal to the workforce driving a natural desire to compete with scoreboards and leader boards. This will transform employee performance as they thrive on collaboration, achievement, and recognition for suitable rewards. Genesys allows you to enhance visibility into daily objectives and empower employees to self-manage.

Furthermore, you can set up challenges for your team to engage agents like capabilities to include understanding how agents behave and how to work with them.

How Genesys can help with your WEM needs?

A new agent working environment continues to emerge, WEM is not an option, it is a necessity! Well-thought-out WEM strategies enhance operational efficiency and employee engagement. Choose a suite of WEM that addresses your basic contact center functions effectively and is a cost-effective option. If you're looking to expand and invest in Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform with greater WEM Functionality. You are at the right place!

Genesys CX is a leading Contact Center platform used by industries and organizations across the world. It is a cloud-based, unified set of applications designed to run contact centers more efficiently. Genesys CX WEM technology includes integration with the most leading solution on the market so you can elevate the customer experience according to the size of your company.

Genesys CX platform is a fully-featured omnichannel engagement solution to meet federal risk and authorization management program requirements. Learn more about its capabilities from our experts today!

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