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  • Ram Agarwal

How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with Conversational AI

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By: Ram Agarwal on July 30, 2021


Over the last few years, Chatbots have experienced phenomenal growth across industries. Integrating Conversational AI capabilities can help your business offer superior customer service and stay ahead of the competition.

According to a Juniper Research report, by 2023, chatbots will save businesses $11 billion annually across retail, banking, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Chatbots can effectively address your customers' queries, saving your business money, automating lead generation and customer support, and personalizing your customers' experience.

In a contact center, creating a chatbot experience allows you to increase customer service efficiency, reduce call traffic, and boost customer satisfaction. Analyzing chatbot data can help you understand consumer needs better and improve service.


Automation: Organizations save time and money by automating conversations that would otherwise require employees to respond. Using customer service chatbots will decrease your average response time and help you meet your customers' expectations.

Generate Leads and Revenue: Chatbots utilize machine learning and direct messaging to gather the information necessary to provide effective support. This initial interaction can be automated, so users can share the information that agents need to better serve them without having to ask for it.

Improve User Experience: Customers are often unaware of where to find information. They may not be aware of their interests at that moment. Perhaps they just heard your company name and wanted to explore. When you ask a series of qualifying questions, you direct users to the best place for them to find the information they need.

24/7 Customer Support: Chatbots are most commonly used to provide quick responses. When the office is closed, companies without 24-hour support won't be able to answer questions leading to the loss of potential customers. When you use robust customer service chatbots, even when your business is closed, your customers can still get the information they need, boosting your sales.

Scalability: Chatbots can interact with hundreds of customers simultaneously, while human agents can only handle a few at a time. In addition to providing a personalized customer experience, chatbots can scale operations and help to reduce support costs.

Uniquely Engaged Users: Traditionally, customer questions were routed to businesses via email or the telephone, which made user experiences fairly standard and non-customized. But chatbots offer a new, fun, and interactive way to engage with brands.


Conversational AI is far more sophisticated and advanced than a basic chatbot. Chatbots that utilize Conversational AI can understand and interpret user intent to generate immediate and more appropriate responses. As a result, they can engage in more fluid, complex conversations with customers.

Conversational AI learns from previous interactions. Over time, they accumulate knowledge without human intervention, becoming smarter and faster to provide excellent customer service.

The flow of conversation becomes far more natural and human-like, with smooth, personalized interactions that are appealing to users. Despite different ways of asking questions, conversational AI provides accurate and relevant answers streamlined with knowledge-based data inputs.

Positive experiences will boost customer satisfaction levels, allowing them to continue to use self-service without the need to interact with human agents. Conversational AI can eliminate the wait time and connect well by providing fast responses to customers. Consequently, Conversational AI can have improved prediction accuracy ensuring future users get efficient and faster responses.


Conversational AI is getting bigger and better. The customer experience with a brand is a key deciding factor when it comes to customer engagement and loyalty. In addition to enabling customers to remain loyal to the brand, outstanding service experiences will also encourage new customers to convert.

For businesses to revolutionize customer experiences, they must be proactive in implementing solutions such as Conversational AI. They must build exceptional chatbot experiences to deliver continuous customer engagement. Customer-focused organizations are leveraging digital technologies to modernize their business and building customer experience infrastructures that deliver brand value.

Businesses can focus on a wide range of customer-centric metrics such as engaging users, retaining users, growing user community, increasing user adoption, and providing customer service platforms like Bold 360 for users to innovate. Investing in Conversational AI Chatbots can directly impact brand experience, improve customer acquisition, and boost competitive differentiation while faster ROI.


The business world is still relatively new to artificial intelligence and its capabilities. While many businesses are adopting conversational AI, chatbots can streamline your customer service strategy. They are an effective solution to improve customer experiences.

The AI chatbot benefits not only the customer but also the support team with high-impact conversations by routing inquiries to the right person.

Bold 360 is a feature-rich conversational AI platform. It empowers self-service automation with a blend of context-driven interactions. Using these advanced capabilities, Bold 360 proactively auto-resolves requests to meet ever-growing user demands for immediate resolution, and personalized interactions across all channels.

By implementing this scalable, easy-to-use solution, GTS can help you enhance your user and employee experiences while increasing customer service team productivity and reducing operating costs.

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