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  • Tony Colombo

How Cloud is Transforming The Contact Center Industry

By: Tony Colombo on August 13, 2021

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Cloud-based contact centers are slowly replacing on-premise contact centers. The cloud-based contact center market was valued at USD 16106.5 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 51830.73 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 21.8% over the forecast period (2021 - 2026). Believe it or not, Cloud transformation is the future of the contact center Industry.

COVID-19 outbreaks and associated stay-at-home restrictions have dramatically increased companies' reliance on the cloud. To maintain business continuity, companies moved their contact center agents into home offices. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a whopping 66% of contact centers that are not using the cloud have started planning to accelerate their move to the cloud.

Businesses that have embraced a cloud contact center immediately saw benefits such as business agility, business continuity, enhanced security, improved productivity, and better customer service.

Cloud contact centers can help companies succeed in a rapidly changing business environment by protecting performance, enhancing channel support and engagement, reporting, and analytics. To achieve these goals, enterprises need to find the right cloud contact center solution and a strategic partner.

What are Cloud Contact Centers?

Contact centers in the cloud are network-based services in which a provider owns and operates contact center technology. These cloud-based contact centers offer an innovative way to avoid business pitfalls. As technology advances, the benefits of such solutions being available as a service have become increasingly apparent.

This is why the use of cloud-based platforms continues to grow in popularity, as they enhance customer interaction, driving customer satisfaction, and identifying factors that would benefit the organization from implementing this model.

Genesys cloud customer experience platform is one such reliable technology that can assist in delivering a seamless customer relationship journey by providing the tools and capabilities that are relevant to your industry. It is a cloud center that does not require hardware, which eliminates the need to maintain the equipment and upgrade it.

8 Reasons to Move to The Cloud

A cloud contact center is a strategic tool that allows organizations to improve customer service while reducing operational costs. Many companies are now taking the initiative to improve customer service by creating a low-cost customer engagement technology. Here are the key reasons why your business needs to move to a platform like Genesys cloud contact center.

Speed of Deployment: Since the cloud contact center platform does not require any hardware, implementation is quick and setup procedures are hassle-free.

User-friendly: Cloud solutions provide users with high-tech benefits powered by easy-to-use design and interface. With this, call center agents can benefit from enterprise-level features without having to learn and use outdated systems.

Seamless Experience: Cloud contact center solutions allow users to seamlessly access systems online and provide high-quality customer service anywhere and anytime.

Scalable & Flexible: Cloud contact center platforms are scalable according to the needs of various businesses and flexible to customization.

Customer Support: Agents can answer inquiries from customers from any location via cloud call centers offering a 360-degree customer experience.

Monitoring Performance: Businesses can focus on increasing agent quality and helping them create highly productive work environments with cloud contact centers.

Holistic integrations: Contact centers typically use multiple software systems such as CRMs, call script generators, and service desk solutions. A traditional contact center system can be difficult to integrate the data. Therefore, with holistic integrations, agents are provided with an enriched experience that decreases data redundancy and maximizes efficiency.

Increased Productivity: The cloud provides superior monitoring capabilities for call centers. Cloud-based technology allows agents to work with one integrated dashboard and take effective decisions, reducing agent turnover.

Choosing The Right Cloud Contact Center for your Business

There are several cloud contact center solutions available on the market. However, businesses must evaluate various selection criteria when choosing a cloud-based contact center platform. These include assessing vendor positioning, target customers, and technology specifics.

1. Technology

To deliver seamless customer service, companies must identify the gaps in their existing business strategy. Achieving this includes identifying hardware, routing, applications, and workforces. Moreover, the new solution should be able to integrate and utilize all critical data sources. Companies need to have a method for measuring the successes and failures of their customer service.

2. Reputation of the Platform

Organizations need to be strategic about finding a cloud platform that understands its requirements and goals. Organizations should be able to find a solution to match their customer service, customer experience, and strategic roadmap. Genesys is a reputable vendor to modernize your contact center with an enriched customer experience on the cloud helping enterprises learn about omni-channel capabilities to maximize their efficiency.

3. Realistic Customer Strategy

Technology is developing at an accelerating pace, so many businesses are investing in cloud contact center solutions to gain a better understanding of the situation and make better decisions. An organization's customer experience has become a top priority. There is a need to improve customer loyalty and retain existing customers to maintain business resilience.

Shifting to Cloud

Although many contact centers remain reactive, they will become more proactive and predictive in the future, and this transformation will lead to a competitive advantage. Things change almost every day, and most organizations cannot keep up with the changes.

By moving to the cloud, businesses can provide excellent service without wasting time and resources on development, testing, and quality assurance. For companies to successfully support a customer base where customer preferences keep changing, a systematic approach that boosts performance, channels support, engagement, reporting, and analytics are essential. Businesses can skip the process of development and start right from the deployment of Genesys cloud for their business success.

When used strategically, the cloud contact center solution offers a level of agility and transformation that facilitates your objectives. Unlike on-premises contact centers, cloud contact centers offer high availability and increased productivity. Customer service issues are therefore reduced, resulting in a better return on investment.

Looking to modernize your on-premise contact center business? Like to learn more about how you can transform to the cloud with help of the Genesys cloud CX platform? Get in touch today!

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