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  • Abdulla M Syed

Hotel Chatbots: Everything you need to know

By: Abdullah M. Syed on August 5, 2021

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Chatbots are one of the most significant trends in today's hotel industry. The growing number of internet users makes chatbots an ideal option for hospitality businesses focused on customer service.

A hotel chatbot is revolutionizing how the hospitality industry interacts with customers, providing instant responses to queries, and in-the-moment offers, and drastically reducing human staff workloads. Chatbots are capable of providing 24/7 customer support in hotels and they can completely transform how visitors are served at the destinations.

Visitors can ask questions and get answers at any time, even if the information center is closed when they arrive at the hotel. Chatbots simplify check-in and check-out since guests can inquire about anything without waiting for the staff to answer them. This is where conversational AI can completely change a hotel's guest experience by engaging the guest in unique ways and incorporating more personalized approaches; Increasing the appeal of your hotel brand among travelers and guests.

Before we discuss chatbot functionalities that can improve the guest experience, let's briefly examine how they add value to hotel owners and guests.

Benefits for Guests

A guest is highly frustrated when they have to wait for a response, regardless if it is via telephone, email, or in person. A chatbot is instantly accessible, and customers appreciate finding their simple questions answered quickly. Using a chatbot, your guests can get the information that enables you to resolve customer problems effortlessly.

Benefits for Hoteliers

Chatbots have the ability to handle unlimited conversations simultaneously, it enables you to scale your operations quickly at lower costs. Additionally, they can generate exponentially more business through leads.

Businesses can attract younger, tech-savvy consumers who increasingly prefer online chat over phone conversation. It highly helps drive engagement, feedback, insight into customer behavior, analyze trends and scale your marketing abilities. Moreover, a bot can help understand the interests and dislikes of guests, so you can seamlessly tailor the services.

HOW TO CHOOSE a chatbot for your hotel business?

Multi-Channel Functionality

The support for multi-channel functionality is one of the most important factors when choosing a chatbot for your hotel. AI chatbots should not only be available on the chat widget of your hotel's website but also be able to integrate with a variety of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. The best chatbot will offer a comprehensive dashboard, allowing you to manage your communications across different platforms in one place.

Smarter Booking Experience

Using chatbots in the hotel industry is transforming the way booking inquiries are handled and how visitors are converted. Conversational AI can now handle all major tasks for front desk personnel. Through Natural Language Processing (NLP), these AI-powered bots can develop concise, efficient, and controlled conversations with guests.

FAQs Automation

You will likely receive certain questions regularly at your hotel and it is often possible to provide standard responses to them. Then, you should opt for a hotel bot that offers frequently asked question (FAQ) automation functionality. Customer interactions can be seamless with FAQ automation while reducing the amount of work for human representatives.


A hotel bot should offer you a wide range of personalization options. You can then identify and make sure they deliver the key messages to your guests. The chatbot should be able to pinpoint the questions that matter to your customers so that the robot can deliver high-quality, relevant responses in the future, greatly enhancing the user experiences.

Concierge Functionality

The concierge feature is frequently overlooked by hotel owners looking for the right AI chatbot. The hotel bot can allow guests to use their mobile device and the chat feature to ask for assistance during their stay. In a variety of situations, a chat widget can be useful whether a guest needs new bath towels, assistance in booking a table at a restaurant, or wants room service.

Booking & PMS Integration

Integrating your hotel bot with your booking engine and property management system is another key feature to look out for. You will be able to increase direct bookings and save money on online travel agency commissions by providing your customers with real-time booking capabilities. Chatbots are capable of assisting in closing sales by offering timely and relevant special offers as they communicate with customers.

Multilingual Support

Many hotels receive questions from people living in different parts of the world, which can mean multiple languages. To give your guests a high-quality service, you must find a hotel bot that is multilingual and can converse in a variety of different languages. Multilingual ability is one of the ways chatbots may perform better than humans.

Check-in/Check-out Functionality

Modern technology has enabled contactless payments and keyless hotel rooms. Check-in and check-outs no longer require human intervention. A good chatbot should be able to assist guests with this functionality by using their smartphone. It also eliminates waiting at reception, which speeds up the process, while giving reception staff more time to perform other tasks.

Performance Analytics & Reports

Another important feature of hotel chatbots is their ability to provide performance metrics in the form of reports. This way, you can analyze the bot's performance and make adjustments as necessary. The chatbot should be able to provide information such as average response time, guest device usage, most common languages, conversion success rates, and more to effectively measure success factors.

Review Integration

Lastly, the hotel chatbot should have a review integration that allows you to seek out customer feedback. Chatbots can request feedback at the end of the interactions and send requests to guests who have checked out, asking them to leave a review of their experience at your hotel.


The hotel industry is facing a major digital disruption with AI chatbot technology. Unlike humans, chatbots never get exhausted. It can run seamlessly to offer a perfect customer experience. AI chatbots can precisely handle questions and convey those unknown queries to the hotel front desk representative.

With predictive analysis and machine learning algorithms, chatbots can easily cross-sell and up-sell to the customers. They can easily optimize any personalized messages and obtain reviews. Each customer interaction will be helpful and informative, resulting in exceeding your customers' expectations.

Looking to integrate the next-gen AI-powered chatbot? Bold360 is the comprehensive chatbot you will need to enrich your guest experiences. Feel free to get in touch with our AI Chatbot experts today!

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