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Fast Track Your Business Case for Migration to AWS with Migration Evaluator

Updated: Jan 9

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By: John Tsuetaki on December 15, 2022


As using Amazon Web Services reduces costs and makes data more accessible, today, organizations of all sizes are migrating hundreds and thousands of applications to AWS.

However, the key to a successful migration strategy is having a business case that can quantify your return on investment before, during, and after migrating each of your applications to AWS.

We understand that even for the most experienced organizations, the initial preparation of creating a business case is often very daunting. It involves so many decisions and budgetary considerations to factor in, which takes a lot of time, and are not even able to discover the most cost-efficient options at the end of the exercise.

This is where the Migration Evaluator service comes into play.

Migration Evaluator- Build a Data-Driven Business Case for AWS

Migration Evaluator is an assessment service designed to help AWS customers with the insights required to make faster and smarter AWS migration decisions.

The service includes a team of Migrations Solution Architects who can help you define the next steps in your migration journey and achieve your migration objective. Examples of migration objectives include exiting the data center, shifting from capital to operating expenses, or changing software licensing strategies.

So, based on your migration objective, Migration Evaluator builds a data-driven business case for migrating your existing workloads to AWS, automatically recommending the most cost-effective AWS deployment options.

Do you know? The service can deliver up to 80% savings for database workloads and an average of 30% reduction in server costs.

Features & Benefits of AWS Migration Evaluator

Projects Accurate Costs

The AWS Migration Evaluator provides a clear baseline of what an organization is currently running at and its projected accurate AWS costs, measured by on-premises provisioning and utilization. Based on different scenarios, the software models calculate the projected cost of re-hosting at AWS.

Provides Discovery of the Inventory

It means users who do not have an existing inventory and resource consumption data or require a high level of accuracy, AWS suggests installing a complimentary agentless collector.

On the other hand, if a user already has an inventory, the Migration Evaluator helps them securely upload exports from third-party discovery and monitoring software. During import, industry benchmarks will be automatically applied if there is any gap in hardware provisioning or utilization

Delivers Quick Insights

The quick insights delivered during the pre-migration assessment provide businesses and technical stakeholders with clear visibility into the estimated cost of running on-premises workloads in the AWS Cloud.

Insights can also be used by business stakeholders to gain an overview of the expected savings from re-hosting at AWS based on usage patterns, with costs for infrastructure and software licenses broken down by type.

Furthermore, based on the on-premises discovery data, reports are automatically updated to provide the most updated information.

In addition to receiving Migration Evaluator quick insights, if you need more data, you can ask your assigned Migrations Solution Architect, and they will create a Business Case report based on your business drivers.

Provides AWS Migration Hub's Server Dependency Mapping

The Migration Evaluator can integrate the discovery of on-premises resources used for a business case with Migration Hub's Server Dependency Mapping.

With Migration Hub, users acquire a view of the server-to-server dependencies, build application groups, and identify the first set of servers to migrate.

Provides Expertise for Deeper Analysis

As we said, you can request an additional Migration Evaluator business case after receiving the Quick Insights assessment. After your request, a team of solution architects will examine your migration goals and use that information to identify the best migration patterns.

In a nutshell, the report includes 5 sections:

  • What went into the assessment?

  • An executive one-page summary of the savings.

  • A breakdown of what went into the on-premises budgets.

  • Multiple workload-specific 'what-if' scenarios for repurchasing and bringing your licenses (BYOL) (with or without dedicated hosts).

  • The same concludes with a recommendation for the customer on the next steps for a successful migration.

Other benefits of AWS Migration Evaluator

Discover more cost optimization metrics

With the AWS Migration evaluator, you can also find the over-provisioned on-premises instances and get suggestions for more cost-efficient AWS alternatives.

Build a data-driven business case for AWS

Migration Evaluator provides business leaders with the insights to build a well-documented data-driven business case for the AWS migration journey.

The findings also help in aligning business and technology stakeholders while also recommending the next step in the migration process.

Eliminate the guesswork in Migration Strategies

With Migration Evaluator, you get direct access to AWS experts, giving you insights into multiple cost-effective cloud migration scenarios and useful insights on how to reuse existing software licensing to further reduce costs.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to gain insights that will help you confidently make decisions for your AWS migration, you could work with an advanced tier partner like Global Technology Solutions (GTS). GTS helps you leverage the benefits of AWS Migration Evaluator and gain much more.

No matter where you are on your migration journey, GTS works to achieve the best business outcomes in every stage of your migration planning.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

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