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OmniVoice: Speak, Understand, Connect – Elevating Voice Conversations with AI

Enhance your communication strategy with OmniVoice. Leverage AI-driven transcription and sentiment analysis to gain deeper customer insights and improve engagement through our seamless voice technology solution.

Why Choose OmniVoice?

OmniVoice redefines business telecommunications with its advanced SIP Trunking and Programmable Voice solutions. Offering a cloud-centric, efficient, and scalable approach, it meets modern communication needs with unparalleled ease.


Cost-Effective: Reduces telecommunication expenses with a cloud-centric cost model.

Simplified Network: Offers a consolidated SIP trunking solution, simplifying the telecommunication network.

Global Reach: Supports calling to 115 countries, ensuring extensive connectivity.

High Security: Ensures secure communications with private connectivity and advanced encryption.

High Availability: Known for its high availability across multiple carriers and AWS regions.

Efficient Management: Includes self-service provisioning and call quality dashboards for enhanced management.

OmniVoice Capabilities

AWS Integration

Utilizes AWS global IP network for robust connectivity.

Voice Quality Assurance

Relies on a Global Backbone Network for consistent call quality.

Real-Time Monitoring

Offers real-time voice calling monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch.

Advanced Analytics

Integrates with AI/ML for real-time audio streaming and call analytics.

IVR Development

Enables efficient IVR systems creation using Amazon Lex Bot.

Powerful API

Features intelligent routing and integration with AI/ML services.


Seamless Integration and Management with OmniVoice

Navigating Onboarding and Provisioning, Voice Quality Approach, Call Analytics Integration.


Ready to Revolutionize Your Business Communication?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What contract vehicles are available for Government Agencies to acquire OmniDARS?
    – GSA – NASPO – Quilt
  • What does the process look like for a new agency starting with OmniDARS?
    Demo meeting to see if we are a good fit. Planning, overview, kickoff, and agreement. We can get you up and running within 30 days or less - from your first demo meeting to an agreement to using OmniDARS.
  • Who is OmniDARS not a good fit for?
    1. Agencies with less than five judges. 2. Agencies with dial-in process, whereby participants and judges dial-in for the appeals.
  • Is it Government Secure and Compliant?
    DARS was specifically designed for the government’s needs. It has been built with the highest security in mind and meets moderate FedRAMP specifications, as it is hosted on AWS Cloud.
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