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AWS Well-Architected Review with Remediation

Designing and running workloads in the cloud is a complex task, upon which many (or all) of your business's critical operations depend. A review of these systems, using the AWS Well-Architected framework, ensures that you’re using best practices, can improve as things change, and that progress is tracked.

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A six-pillar approach

We will run your workloads through the following pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability. These areas have been identified by AWS as the foundational elements to a Well-Architected environment. We will work to develop benchmarks and identify any gaps, with recommendations, “quick wins,” or full remediation organized by these important categories.

Adapted to your industry

Cloud workloads aren’t all built the same—e.g. the gaming industry has a vastly different profile compared to machine learning. The six-pillar approach can (and should) be tailored to specific situations. We leverage AWS Well-Architected Lenses to further extend the service to cater to your unique infrastructure and ecosystem.

Finding problems; delivering solutions

GTS can offer free remediation (pending approval, certain restrictions apply) on AWS Well-Architected Reviews—meaning we don’t only identify critical issues: we can fix them too. Get in touch with a representative today by using the form on this page to see if a Review is a good fit for your AWS cloud workloads.

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