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Cloud Cost Optimizer with Governance and Security Oversight

Cloud operations have huge cost advantages over older technology such as on-prem. But that doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities to continue to optimize costs. There is also risk: without proper maintenance and oversight, cloud costs can ramp up dramatically.

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Reduce financial complexity

There can be a lot of moving pieces when it comes to cloud costs. GTS uses leading technology such as Cloudhealth to help simplify and visualize cloud spends and budgets. We will set up, configure, and teach you how to derive insights and achieve full financial accountability across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Building a collaborative FinOps environment

The quantitative practice of uncovering financial insight is only half the battle. An organization’s culture plays an important role too. The relationship between finance teams and DevOps can often be at arm’s length, or even non-existent. To maintain a competitive advantage in today’s tech-driven world, harmony in the ‘FinOps’ world is quickly becoming mission critical.

Through our implementation of cost optimization, GTS will also seek to ensure that these two departments break down silos and learn to operate with shared goals around business objectives, ROI, and performance.

Enabling best in class cloud security governance

Good governance and security are deeply related to getting the most out of your AWS investment. After all, all the cost optimization in the world can’t offset the liabilities incurred by a data breach.

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