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AWS Cost Evaluation and Migration

The promise of the cloud is an enticing one, to be sure. Actually moving a system to the cloud might not have the same appeal (does anyone look forward to moving day?) A migration services partner is like hiring a white-glove moving service—we make sure everything goes smoothly, on budget, on time, and that you feel well at home on your new cloud infrastructure.

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Pre-migration assessment plan

We all love the cloud over here at GTS, but no organization should jump blindly into a migration. It is important to build a strong business case (or validate an existing one) and mitigate any potential risks. A data-driven assessment plan will lay the groundwork and roadmap for a migration that reduces downtime and optimizes resources.

Covering the gaps

Most assessment plans identify some areas of risk or improvements that should be dealt with before starting a migration. We will work with you step by step to help bring you up to full readiness, be it cloud skills training, environment builds, data organization, or whatever else is uncovered by the assessment.

Customized cost insights

Maybe the problem with the migration budget is that there isn’t a good sense of one. You don’t know what you don’t know, after all. GTS can deliver a detailed and thorough cost evaluation for your unique migration situation, allowing you to sharpen up the business case and plan accordingly for a move to AWS.

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