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Navigating the emerging, fast-paced world of cloud-led technologies is not a stroll in the park. Change is constant, infrastructures are dynamic, and securing and retaining talent is an endless struggle. A good managed services partner can be an oasis of stability in these exciting (yet chaotic times).

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Engineering Service Group (ESG) teams

Here’s how it works: you have a gap in your delivery objectives—maybe it’s a time crunch, a lack of resources, or simply a situation that falls outside your in-house expertise. GTS will create a specialized Engineering Service Group for you. The ESG is a small, cross-functional team that may contain engineers, architects, security experts, etc.

They own the objective of efficiently closing your gap, and operate in a self-sufficient manner. It’s not just calling in backup. You’re temporarily hiring a squad that’s custom built to fix the issue.

Coverage for oversight, compliance, maintenance, and more

ESG teams aren’t only used for emergency fixes either. They can cover long-term gaps or even entire cloud management functions, depending on your needs. Common use cases for an AWS Cloud Managed Services ESG team include:

  • Monitoring & observability
  • Configuration, compliance & auditing
  • Centralized operations management
  • Enterprise governance & controls

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