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AI and ML evaluation and development

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to drive a technological revolution across all of human society. Organizations that can successfully develop or capture the power of these still-emergent processes stand poised to capitalize immensely over the coming years. GTS can help you assess your approach to AI and ML today.

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Automation: the starting point

Simple automation is commonplace: anyone with spreadsheet skills can semi-automate hundreds or thousands of calculations relatively quickly. Complex automation—such as running business processes or triaging tasks—is where the big value is derived today. AL and ML augment and underpin much of the advancements in this space, delivering huge reductions in costs across analysis, operations, and finance.

Prevention and prediction

Spotting and making sense of patterns is a key aspect of human intelligence. As we train machines to do this—and in some cases, excel at it—entirely new industries and solutions begin to emerge. Know ahead of time when a process is about to fail. Get hyper-personalized recommendations on staffing or learning & development choices. Gain insight on exactly when to place a sales call or schedule a meeting.

The radical future

The AI & ML possibilities have only just scratched the surface of their potential. While we can’t predict exactly what will happen in the coming decades, we can certainly help your organization better understand where it fits into the equation. We’d love to set up a meeting and talk about how AI & ML can help you meet your objectives, inspire your strategy, or even revolutionize your field.

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